Hello, I'm Eugene,
a rather good design-minded
creative copywriter
and communications lead
I make companies sound like human beings, not like soulless corporate zombies.

I produce creative concepts and put them into words. (Some may think that this sounds pretentious, but it really shouldn't.)

Expertise. I'm mostly comfortable working with digital products — anything from small niche apps and sites to highly complex B2B software. I know enough about product positioning, product marketing and content strategy, too, to launch a project from scratch — and, honestly, it's great fun.

Interests. Otherwise I'm hugely interested in projects with bold ideas behind them; projects which challenge the status quo. I'm also more than open to non-commercial initiatives related to art, culture, and charity.

Else. I'm in love with research and facts.
Writing about writing is the weirdest thing ever. If your writing sucks or if your words don't make sense, your credibility immediately plunges into negative numbers.
No one ever hired me because they admired my spellchecking skills or because they were blown away by my outstanding choice of adjectives. Writing is not about nicely putting some words together. Rather, it's the skill of coming up with fresh ideas and thoughts, and then expressing them in the most clear manner. No one is interested in hearing what they've already heard before, no matter how elegant the writing is. People keep reading when they're interested. It's the writer's job to provoke that interest, to tell a good story. And if it's good enough, they'll even forgive you a typo here and there (and everywhere). A well-proofread, error-free copy is a nice touch, just like an ironed shirt and a shaved face. But that is secondary. Nice words don't matter if there's no good story.
the best part of this website
Somehow I fooled some very smart people into paying me money for my writing
Contentful, a different kind of a CMS
In 2015 and 2016 I've been working for Contentful, a CMS which puts developers first, not WYSIWYG first. They built the product around an API — quite a innovative idea, admittedly — which made developers fall in love with it instantly.

I've developed the tone of voice and written the house style guide, created the website out of nothing, significantly contributed to content strategy, wrote plenty of ad campaigns, and came up with a ton of jokes on the way.

All of these activities led to 10x increase in traffic and signups.

See some selected public work samples below.

I've written the entire thing from scratch, figuring out the tone of voice on the go.

See it live →
UX copy

I love it when in-app copy makes sense — when it explains everything, help me find my way around, and manages to be friendly, too
I came up with a completely new concept for the email newsletter. Instead of a corporate-like digest, I've written a much more personal and conversational series of emails — useful, on-point, somewhat opinionated, and always bullshit-free.
Delft Hyperloop website — voice & copy
I helped the wonderful people of INDG to create the voice and write the copy for the website which presents the concept of a Hyperloop train done by the crew of the Delft University of Technology.
I'm honestly out of ideas for these section titles
A fine-balanced mix of serious and silly
An open love letter to British English

Is my work any good?

Rethinking the News Feed

death by powerpoint
Given an opportunity, I'm always happy to share what I know
Voice & Copy
The wonderful people of edenspiekermann_ Berlin gave me a chance to talk about writing, tone of voice, creating characters and other nice things. Thanks, Robert!

See, I have very little social life — hence a lot of free time for making little silly things
Disruptive Walrus

My reflections on the startup culture
I've been doing some design work, too
I think I know a thing or two about UX and typography. Here's my design portfolio compiled in late 2014.

I'm still using Sketch every day for presenting ideas visually — somehow it makes much more sense this way, and it's much easier for others to understand what I'm saying.
Talking to strangers has never been this easy.
I'd be delighted to hear from you, whether it's business or strictly personal. I rarely say no to good work.
You're welcome everywhere.
If it's kind of important, email is probably your best bet.


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LinkedIn for serious business
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Thinkpieces on Medium
Facebook without cat pictures
Eugene Kudashev is a copywriter and creative lead who is making companies sound like humans. He's currently doing words and concepts at Contentful (http://contentful.com), a different kind of CMS which puts developers first, not WYSIWYG first. He's irregularly tweeting about writing and weird things in life as @eugenekudashev.
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